This Site

This site is a do-it-yourself project. However, it NEVER would have gotten off the ground with without help from web designers. The objectives are several.
  • First, to get away from a commercial site that was crap and wanted a percentage of sales.
  • Second, to build something that I can maintain myself. I use a managed WordPress site hosted by A2 and have been very pleased with them. I do not and will not write code, so I use Elementor as a site builder, plus something like 20 plugins (apps that work with WordPress and Elementor). They are the bane of my existence when they crash the site. If this happens, contact me and ruin my day.
  • Third, to present my work well.
The site displays on most of the browsers: Chrome, MS Edge, Duck Duck Go, and Safari. It has been tested on mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, and Android. It works! Some site navigation is not obvious. When in doubt, just hit the ESC key, or back button on your mouse, or whatever you do on a Mac. The Mark McGilvray Gallery is a shop page where prints may be purchased.
What’s with all the roses? Well, I used to grow 200 of them. After a few years of that it became 100. When I moved to Reno the roses stayed behind, except for their images. The rose is Double Delight at sunset.
I have neither the time nor inclination to spend tending a blog and herding cats. Seriously, do you really want to listen to me pontificate about photography and yap about how I Am The Greatest? The rose is Maman Cochet – one of the greatest.
I am a slacker on social media as is – so, the Blog bit the dust. For those wanting information that is timely, email me or call.