Mounting and Framing Prints

There are endless combinations of frame, mount, mat, and acrylic/glass glazing. Frames are available in a variety of price ranges. Glazing runs from cheap glass to very expensive museum acrylic. Traditional prints are mounted, matted, and framed. I do none of this in house, but some of my preferred vendors may be able to provide mounted and matted prints or framed prints ready to hang. This adds to the delivery time and cost. There are thousands of moldings and I have no idea which are in stock.
Choose from Roma  moldings:
Or Larson Juhl:
Typically prints are purchased bare and shipped rolled for the buyer to mount and frame. You and/or your frame shop better know what you are doing to avoid damaging the print. Prints may be mounted and shipped as rigid media for the buyer to frame.
Acrylic face mounts may be displayed with or without frames. They are a far superior media to provide a high gloss print.