I was born in 1949 and grew up on the family ranch in southeast Washington State. It was a different place and time I am glad to have known. I have always loved the wild open spaces. We moved to California and the city in 1961- a different world.

I attended UC Berkeley, studied physics and mathematics, among other things. I had an epiphany and decided to become a famous writer. I graduated with a degree in English from Cal in 1973. The famous writer plan did not pan out. The grounding in our common language and its literature has been both satisfying and useful, if not exactly the path to fame and riches. Making a living in the world intervened. I worked in construction management for many years, acquiring both an MBA and an MS in civil engineering along the way.

My first excursion into ‘real photography’ was in 1981 when I bought a Toyo 4×5 camera and two Rodenstock lenses. Much film was exposed and effort expended until I learned how to use the camera. Decent images began to emerge after ghastly first efforts. I have been doing photography a long time.
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