Will your print be traditionally matted and framed? Will it be a Trulife Acrylic print that arrives ready to hang? Consider your presentation, the space it will enhance, and lighting.

I offer loose prints that are shipped rolled for the client to mount, matte, and frame. These prints may also be ordered mounted to a high quality rigid substrate such as Ultraboard or Dibond and shipped ready to frame. I highly recommend this, especially for larger prints. Ask about this option.


The light you view your print in is important, but never leave any print in direct sunlight. Sunlight destroys prints. Your print will not display well under cheap LEDs or commercial fluorescent lighting. There are museum LEDs that cost a fortune. I use the Philips Par 30 75w 3000k LEDs. They are excellent, affordable, and available everywhere for ~$12. Soraa is better for ~$30+.

CALL ME BEFORE ORDERING! Not because I am bored sitting by the phone, but because it will save everyone time – you get exactly what you want in a fine art print.